Best Performing Mutual Funds 2016

If a survey is conducted, Mutual Funds will probably come out as the best and most well-rated investment policy. But investment in mutual funds requires the clients to have a certain risk appetite. Thus a lot of consideration is to be done before investing, keeping in mind the stock and share values and the market rate of returns. After drawing the profit graphs of various Mutual Funds, these qualified as the best of 2016.

best mutual funds 2016

HSBC Brazil Fund

The HSBC Brazil Fund is like an ELSS Mutual Fund. This type of mutual fund ensures the best returns on investment. The implementation of this Mutual Fund is done by letting the investors buy shares of HSBC Global Investment Funds Brazil Equity Fund as the capital. Then the returns on those shares are in form of dividends from HSBC. Many other flexible schemes are available under this mutual fund. If the investor is looking for better liquidity options, there are schemes with provisions for that too. Since it is an Equity Fund is it on the riskier investment side as the profits from the dividends are directly proportional to the profits of HSBC. But since the company shows a good growth rate in stock markets, it is a good option to consider for all investors with a risk appetite.

DSP BlackRock World Mining Fund- Regular Plan

The DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund was formed by the merger of two mega companies: The DSP Group and the BlackRock Investment Management Firm. It started when BlackRock took over Merrill Lynch and merged with DSP. This is another Equity based Mutual Fund to invest your money. The objective demands investing in diverse units of the DSP BlackRock World Mining Fund. Some of the investment is done in national units while others are done in international units. Also, the Investment Manager may consider investing a portion into money market secured and money market liquidity scheme. Since the investment is done is in various sources, the risk factor is minimised. Thus, its variety and flexibility are why you should consider it as an investor.

DSP BlackRock Natural Resources And New Energy Fund- Regular Plan

The  DSP Black Rock Natural Resources and New Energy Fund is one of the diverse Mutual Fund Investment options of DSP BlackRock. It is an open ended equity aimed mutual fund growing at a fast pace. Its goal is to provide long-term profits generated by the equity shares of Indian based company in the following genres:

  • The companies under DSP BlackRock that develop, produce and distribute natural energy resources.
  • The companies under DSP BlackRock that generate alternative natural energy sources instead of non-renewable sources and develops power generators.

Some portion of the capital is invested in international companies that develop natural sources of energy. The dividends gained by the investor will directly depend on the profits generated by these companies.

DSP BlackRock World Gold Fund- Regular Plan

The DSP BlackRock World Gold Fund provides an equity based capital to all investors who invest in shares of DSP BlackRock Global Funds using gold as the primary asset. Its functioning is similar to the other schemes of DSP BlackRock. If you are an investor who has made the investment via gold in this special equity-based gold mutual fund, then the capital will be distributed in various schemes. The schemes are based in both India and overseas. This will again ensure the best protection and returns.

Kotak World Gold Fund- Standard Plan

The Kotak World Gold Fund generates interest for the investments if the investment is done in units of gold belonging to the company. The Kotak Gold Fund receives the investment amount and feeds it to Kotak Gold Exchange Traded Fund. This, in turn, invests in physical units of gold. So, the amount is indirectly invested in gold. The returns on the amount now depend on the pricing of gold at the present market rates.

SBI Magnum COMMA Fund

SBI Magnum COMMA Fund engages with companies in the following sectors:

  • Oil And Natural Gas
  • Metals
  • Production of Materials
  • Agricultural Industries
  • Profit Market Organisations

The investment is made in units of these companies and the profits are generated in form of dividends. Since this sector is highly rising in the market, investors are looking at good returns in this case.


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